Essential oils

Essential oils are those derived by distillation or extraction of herbs and flowers, or even dissolve resin using a solvent. They have nothing to do with chemicals that tried to manufacture at the chemical laboratory and give a specific smell of the flower or herb because it is completely natural.

The method of reception varies with the type of plant but also on what part of the plant will be taken. Because some essential oils are made from flowers, others from the steam and leaves, others from the roots or gums, or even from the peel of a fruit. The methods of making may varied from extraction, distillation, extraction or utilization of carbon dioxide.

The cost of essential oils are quite expensive because of technical and export is expensive and it needs quite a large amount of plant to produce small quantities of essential oil.

After the process of making these oils get a fairly volatile substance that consists of several elements, such as ketones, acids, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, phenols, esters etc.

Essential oils are not used directly on the skin. All essential oils are 100% except from some, due to the high cost, are diluted at a rate of 2-3% in Jojoba vegetable oil.

100% Essential oil


Code: ESSL-0107

Price: 14 €

100% Essential oil Camphor White

Code: ESSL-0902

Price: 10 €

100% Essential oil  Cinnamon

Code: ESSL-0919

Price: 14 €

100% Essential oil

Cedar seeds

Code: ESSL-0920

Price: 13 €

100% Essential oil Cedarwood Himalayan

Code: ESSL-0922

Price: 10 €

100% Essential oil


Code: ESSL-1022

Price: 8 €

100% Essential oil  Lemon grass

Code: ESSL-1023

Price: 8 €

100% Essential oil Nutmeg

Code: ESSL-1170

Price: 11 €

100% Essential oil Patchouli

Code: ESSL-1504

Price: 14 €

100% Essential oil Jamaroza (Root)

Code: ESSL-1641

Price: 15 €

100% Essential oil

Ylang ylang

Code: ESSL-1821

Price: 16.45 €

100% Essential oil


Code: ESSL-2130

Price: 18.90 €

100% Essential oil Chamomile Roman

Code: ESSL-2101

Price: 77.90 €

100% Essential oil Blend


Code: ΜESSL-0060

Price: 20 €

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