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  Our company, Apokrifo (Απόκρυφο), is notifying its opening in Greece and all over the world and opens the doors to all thinking people who seek their spirituality, their inner improvement and knowledge, beyond the everyday life. Each person, when communicating to his inner higher self and cultivating both soul and spirit, can actually help himself to solve the everyday problems.


  Our goal is to help each person, the researchers and the seekers to find gathered in just one place all those products that are considered as basics, plus absolutely necessary in order to walk on difficult spiritual paths.


  In our shop you can find a great variety of herbals and species, essential, scented and vegetable oils, incenses, Feng Shui products, meditation and relaxation products, decorative items and gifts, scented candles, church and votive products, talismans and charms, etc. of the highest quality. We want to offer you, not only the best, but the highest possible quality, based on what we prefer for ourselves and that is what we want for you too.


  In that way, our company will always be your first choice, close to your heart.


  Each one of our products maintains the names given by each supplier company, by old grimorioums, unrevealed metaphysic books from the ancient years till today, traditional nomenclature and names well-known and often-used in the world-wide terminology.


  Our company can't give you either credits about the attributes of each product or their results but we most certainly give you every quality credit about each product we sell.


If you can't find what you may be searching for, please contact us by phone at +30 2310 510 404 or e-mail at


The address of the company's headquarters is: 55, Ion. Dragoumi str., Zip code 546 30, Thessaloniki, Greece


With friendly greetings!

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